Self Esteem Issues

Self-esteem problems can lead people to become depressed, fall short of their potential, or tolerate abusive situations and relationships. Ray Wynfield, Couples & Individual Counseling of Longmont, CO can help you overcome your pressing self-esteem issues or provide counseling for your couple issues.

People with self-esteem issues find it hard to assert themselves in situations such as work and make less money compared to someone with high self-esteem. They are unable to express their feelings, always seek the acceptance of others, blame things on others instead of accepting the blame, and easily allow others to access their personal information. Such people tend to take negative viewpoints on nearly every situation. Ray Wynfield, Couples & Individual Counseling of Longmont, CO can help you to get rid of your self esteem issues. He will teach you how to enjoy more happiness, confidence, and show more initiative.

Self Esteem Issues

Low self-esteem can even end up in depression, self-hate and guilt, self-reproach, loneliness, difficulties in communication, becoming withdrawn or isolated. The reasons for low self-esteem can be hidden in your childhood – maybe you were bullied or undervalued as a child. Your low self-esteem could also be blamed on several common thinking errors such as relating negative events to yourself when there is no basis, seeing things in black or white or distorting the significance of events such as receiving a bad grade.

If you are in Longmont, CO, and have one of the above mentioned problems, consider consulting a good therapist such as Ray Wynfield, Couples & Individual Counseling.

Ray Wynfield, Couples & Individual Counseling will assist you in focusing on your problem and set goals for yourself. At the beginning of the treatment, you and he will decide what particular changes you should strive to make in your life. In order for you to accomplish these goals, they will have to be broken down into smaller achievable objectives. Together, you will devise a treatment plan. It will consist of discussing and talking about the techniques for the improvement of your condition that he will suggest to you.

As a therapist and counselor, Ray’s role is to help you find your inner strength. He will act as a catalyst for your efforts. The most important part of this process is your own desire to change. Without it, nothing can be achieved. If you are in Longmont, CO, and you feel that you need a therapist or a marriage counselor, do not put treatment off until the problem gets bigger. Call Ray Wynfield, Couples & Individual Counseling today at (303) 776-9636.