Couple Counselor

Ray Wynfield, Couples & Individual Counseling, in Longmont, CO, is a couples counselor with more than 42 years experience, who specializes in couples therapy. He treats the conditions which can lead to the disruption of a relationship by encouraging people to talk about their couples problems. These issues can be quite serious, and, even though many do not pay attention to them, they can significantly worsen the way you feel about your life. The biggest problems start in the heart and the mind, and in how you perceive your relationship. Ray will assist you in the process of managing as well as resolving your difficulties and getting your life back.

Couple counselor

As a Longmont, CO couples therapist, Ray will encourage you to share your emotions and experiences while guiding you through the process of adjustment to life changes in general and the resolution of your problems in particular. He will help you to make decisions and devise strategies to cope with difficult situations.

Ray Wynfield, Couples & Individual Counseling is a Longmont, CO couple counselor who applies a wide range of approaches to the healing process. He can help you identify your problem feelings, thoughts and behavior and change them to more positive ones. He is goal oriented and will aid you in learning how to stop fighting and start negotiating, utilizing a step by step method for resolving the toughest problems. Ray is dedicated to improving the communication between you and your spouse. Among the things he will teach you is how to recover from a bad argument and how to reduce or eliminate traumas. As a result of the decreased disagreements between you and your spouse, a new harmony will ensue in your sexual relationship.

Ray’s thorough approach makes his one of the best divorce and couples therapist in Longmont, CO. He will listen to you carefully and take your concerns seriously. If you suspect that the happiness of your relationship is in danger, or you have self esteem issues and want to talk to someone understanding and able to give you valuable advice, seek help in the form of a qualified counselor like Ray Wynfield, Couples & Individual Counseling. Do not wait until the conflicts with your loved one take on unmanageable proportions.

Call Ray today on (303) 776-9636 to start the healing process.